GRU Devlog 40 - deertree

September 11, 2022 — G1n

Sorry for not posting last devlog, I haven’t done anything and wanted to take a break.

This time, I was working on deertree and fixed some things on webpage. I published deertree specifications. They are not done yet, but publishing them on git might help us to keep progress.

As you can see, devlogs are getting little. I am working more on my other (non-GRU) projects nowadays. New school year started and we have busy timetable. I want to focus more on some one (GRU) project (currently thinking that it will be deertree), but take break with devlogs for unknown amount of time.

I want to hear some feedback. Email me (or xmpp) on, join #gru channel on

tags: gru, deertree